Well, Asia is over. At least for now. Enough with the colors, the sounds, the smells, the smiles, the stares. What a beautiful place just jam packed with experiences an learning. Nice.

But I’m too close to long-lost family to not see them; it’s off to Australia for me! Of course the bicycle comes too.

I jump on a quick flight from Chang Mai, where I was visiting a few friends, to Bangkok. One of my friends just outside Chang Mai mentioned his skin has been all cloggy since he moved there. I snapped this picture just over the city. Hm.


Flying into Bangkok was worse, but I got yelled at for taking a picture and deleted it under the stewardess’ watchful eye. Quite strict, those ladies in red spandex.

Just a few hours in Bangkok, and ah… back to friends in Saigon. What memories here! Motorbike madness and scooter frenzy everywhere and the joy of bicycling through it all!

One night later with my bike box on my shoulder I left Asia via Kuala Lumpur airport (where I met a friend of a friend in the ‘security’ line!). I can’t say anything bad about the KL airport for fear of government repercussions but…. there’s not much organization. It was an experience to navigate our tight connection there.

Australia is beautiful – can’t wait to start the trip but am thoroughly enjoying being dined and entertained by my goofy Australian family.

(BBQ calamari)


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