Brunswick Heads – Byron Bay

The Stats

Brunswick Heads – 38.8 miles – Byron Bay

Gooood Morning! Get coffee in Brunswick Heads and head south on Old Pacific Highway (there’s a nice bike path for some of it) which turns into Gulgan Road. We got distracted at a sign advertising “the biggest smallest town: Mullumbimby!” and just couldn’t resist. You shouldn’t either. Sitting a quick 4km from the highway is a lovely little town full of organic food shops, delicious coffee shops, and bulk food stores. If you take this detour (which you should!) then head out of town via Jubilee Ave, turn left at Myocum Road and follow this through to Byron Bay. We stayed the night in Byron.

This map might not be helpful – still figuring out how to use this site:

The Story

Detours are the best thing about bike touring. Since the day’s planned ride was so short we decided on another cup of coffee in a little town just off the road: Mulinbomy. Mullimbimbo. Mullumbimbly. something.


In Mullumbimby we met a lady who planned to do a bike tour in Laos. Due to morbid circumstances she postponed the trip but criticized us on how much luggage we brought. Granted, she wasn’t planning on camping. and Granted, she never actually did a bike tour. But still. Silly kids – we’ll end up tossing half our gear down the road, don’t worry. We smiled and waited until she left. An old lady looking to buy a house in the area dug out a map from the depths of her cluttered car. She said our antique map (for drawing purposes only) and our phones were just not good enough. Silly kids – get an old fashioned map! We smiled and accepted the map. We then ate delicious sandwiches at Punch & Daisy’s ( and pedaled out of town along the “local” route. So beautiful! Cows crossed the road, hills rolled along, and we scooted into Byron Bay just in time to pick up a hostel room. That place fills up!



One response to “Brunswick Heads – Byron Bay

  1. I LOVE the format of these posts and of the trip tracker – whatever it is. Thank you. too much gear? too many coffee breaks! How can you be REAL bicyclers? – bah humbug – don’t listen to them – They’re jealous.

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